Freeway is a brand completely focused on the commitment of a healthier life: be it on the industrial part, where it recycles water and residues, values the green in all of the environment of the factory units and has programs of reintegration to labor in needy areas, to its products that bring a carefree style and technologies that make the act of putting on a shoe much easier.

It all began in 1989, from the vision of a doctor, Jânio Machado, who always thought of the act of walking as primary for human existence – since it’s the feet that take us forward.

So, with a little factory in Franca, on the state of São Paulo, started the manufacturing of casual shoes, a style that better translated the promise of comfort and wellbeing.

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  • Freeway shoes

    Company Headquarters in Franca – São Paulo

  • Freeway shoes

    Front of the company in Franca – São Paulo

  • Freeway shoes

    Production on the Jacobina – Bahia unit

A company with full quality control

In 1990, Wayner, his brother and partner at the shoe factory, created the Curtume Tropical, with the idea of controlling the quality of products from the raw material.

Within this same concept, in 2000, was Jânio’s turn to start Veja Solados. Together, today, both companies generate almost 400 direct Jobs and answer for 100% of the leather and soles offer for the Freeway shoes, besides supplying for other companies on the market.

As such, the group Freeway handles all the production stages, that go from ,leather tanning, soles manufacturing to the finishing of the shoes.

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A Company with an Ecological call

Besides its quality products, two pillars sustain the company’s work: technology and sustainability. Through its history Freeway has been seeking solutions that minimize the environmental impact:

• Rainwater harvesting to irrigate the gardens and use on the bathrooms.
• Production of own compost for the gardening projects.
• Plastic bags out of circulation.
• Recycling packaging with less pigment and adhesives.
• Reuse of materials to creating new inputs.
• Control of organic matter decomposition and correct separation of the generated residue.
• Priority of natural ventilation and lighting.
• Machinery moved with renewable energy sources.

Meaning, it is recorded on the Freeway genesis the habit of practicing activities less harmful to the environment. Freeway eco

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A company with tech thoughts

On the search to answer the demands of the consumers for comfortable and quality shoes, the brand has conducted researches about anatomy, physiology and ergonomics of the feet and the walking.

Thus comes the EasyWearFreeway, advanced set of innovations patented by the company that seeks to replace the usual systems of fixations (shoelaces and Velcro) with methods of closures specially developed to offer ease on the wear, adjust and perfect fixation to the different kinds of feet.

Another item that’s completely aligned with the principles of health and comfort is the system of projecting shoes according to 17 kinds of measurements, unlike the traditional process of only 4 measurements on the mold. This gives a Freeway product much more ergonomics, meaning, more adaptability and adjustment to the consumer’s foot.

  • Exclusive and patented construction that ensures safety and greater durability
    Internal 1,5 cm heel in PU with extra comfort and no deformation technology
    Traditionally handmade
  • Ecological sole made with 30% of recycled rubber
    Easy put on with the elastic shoelace
    Inner sole in PU designed for your comfort
  • Easy put on with zipper
    Avoid copies, demand the exclusive Freeway DNA
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A company with 25 years of conscious expansion

Freeway shows a monitored production of over one million pairs of shoes yearly – completely within the principles forged on its foundation, which was a great help to export to over 25 countries.

In 2014, Freeway celebrates 25 years. A celebration rightfully shares with all that were and are a part of this journey.
Freeway. More than shoes, an attitude. More than a company, a commitment to all the good that life has to offer.

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Through the Freeway online store only clients that are residents of Brazil can purchase the brand’s products. If you are a company and is interested in buying our products, but have business abroad, get in touch through the e-mail

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